This cycle is repeated for evening, with the Doggy Dad providing 20-30 minutes of hard romping for The Girls in place of the jogging, with short trips only as needed. Dog Forums Dog Training and Behaviour Dog won't poop outside anymore Discussion in ' Dog Training and Behaviour ' started by Liz-Quill-Niffler , Jul 23, 2019 . I have not trained my dog two separate words for peeing and pooping, but I’m guessing some people have successful trained two different commands. There are a couple of theories as to why a dog simply won't go on a leash. i’m at my wit’s end. But it’s dawning on me that she may have decided that the yard is part of our “den”, since we did some lifestyle activities out there, and she KNOWS not to go in the house (learned that that hard way as she watched me furiously scrub pee out of the carpet). I’m sorry your dog is causing you so much stress! Puppies may not be old enough to properly control their bladder or bowels yet. Both questions have to do with dogs pooping on the lawn–why dogs go on grass, why puppies won’t go on grass, and also how to stop dog pooping in yard if your neighbor lets them “go” willy nilly. Seventh, grab a can of a good brand of “go here!” pheromone spray and spray in a couple areas in the yard as directed for outside use on the can. Any further suggestions. i’ve yelled at my dogs maybe 5 times in 8 years and today was one of them…. most of all, p a t i e n c e. i know it’s hard! My beagle is a very clean dog, I mean she won't go poo or pee where she plays, she has her own dedicated pooing/peeing spot in the yard, and it doesn't matter how the weather is, she will only go in that spot to keep the rest of the yard … Then take him outside again in a half-hour. Sixth, I’d invest in a blacklight and check every floor, furniture, etc. We have tried walking around with him on the leash, nope, we have shrubs and piles of leaves for him to go, nope. What can I do. I’m so confused and tired of being frustrated. Lime, which can be used to help dissolve dog poo, can be placed on dog poo right in the yard and it only takes a few days for this to happen.The problem is that lime is caustic and can burn skin if it comes in direct contact with it, so both humans who may be walking in the yard and dogs who may be in the yard should have their feet and paws protected from coming into contact with the lime. Even with regular trips outside, there are going to be accidents. My problem is he finds the first grass verge does his poo then heads back for home. He has no problem going potty in other peoples yards, even if there is other dogs there. Then maybe he wouldn’t feel like he’s turning around. Then head out again on your terms. In a few days, he might feel safer again and go back to normal. The yard is shared with another dog, but due to the invisible fence, there are unshared areas. She will pee but not poop. We've had Wilson for just over a year now. Once your dog becomes more confident about pooping in the … As an affiliate, That Mutt earns money from qualifying purchases. he is peeing in the yard more, but still not pooping. All his life he has had the freedom of an expansive countryside to run and roam (mostly all forest) but now that the fence is up (around 600 ft of it!) I could see how uncomfortable he was and I just ached for him. I tried just not walking…thinking eventually he would just HAVE to go. For now I can take him on walks when he needs it but it’s not going to be like that forever so this really needs to not be a lifelong habit but I don’t know how to get him back to normal with it. I will try your ideas though and see if that does anything. However, if he holds it longer he gets to be outside longer. I’m wondering if some of your dogs with the same problem may have made the same association, and that I suppose we should be grateful that they want to go away from our living spaces, not inside of them. Why aren’t they reading this post and all the cries for help on the comments? Ask Your Own Veterinary Question. You can also keep your dog close to you on a leash or just watch them closely. That does sounds frustrating, I’m sorry to hear that! One is 2 years old and his brother is 11 months. Does she just want the treat but isn’t otherwise concerned with having been told to soil in her yard? Still, they might be worth a try if you are wary of seeing piles of poop in your yard. if you DO know how to handle them, why aren’t you doing something besides repeating yourself as if we’re idiots who haven’t already TRIED your procedure??? I don't know why I was given this information. I have put down some grass but he has just stopped. I would just give him 10 minutes to go and if he doesn’t then head back inside and keep him on a leash by you or in a kennel. Go back to some basics and reward your dog with highly valued food for peeing/pooping in the yard. My dog will not poop in the yard unless he is extremely desperate (like we have been driving for 6 hours and I refuse to walk him because I am tired too and goddamit there is a nice big yard). How can I make him go closest to home again? Assuming the spot isn’t grass and isn’t in the middle of someone’s yard, take a doggie bag and scoop up some of that soil/rocks after she pees and bring it back to your yard. I’ve never had a problem walking my dog to get him to poop, but he was recently injured and needs to stay off his feet as much as possible so will try some of these. and i HAVE to walk her no matter whether or not she goes in the yard. i have a 6 month old shih tzu, and before i started taking him on walks, he had no problem pooping in the yard. In my experience, the more processed the food, the more waste a dog produces. Shop to Provide Toys for Children in Need, Shop to Support Wildlife & the Environment. My Year Old Caviler will not go potty in the yard, AT ALL. i have tried taking the poop from the house and ‘spiking’ the yard with it, and i show it to him. this will probably work. Did you ever get an answer to your question? Not even a pee! Submitted: 11 years ago. If you have to get to work then you may need to include an actual walk as part of the morning routine so your dog will actually go. I’ve been trying your suggestions but all it’s done is frustrate her :(. This is actually a common problem that comes up every now and then in the emails I get. The order of things here each morning is: pee, then food, then water, an hour to settle, then 45+ minutes jogging with the fuax Gator (old riding mower sans deck) at around 4-5 mph (which typically elicits a poop). But 36 hours later, like someone else, I finally felt so bad for him I took him out for a walk. It’s possible if not likely that her favorite place to pee on your walks is where other dogs pee and she’s marking after them. We had grass at our last home and he did his business no problem. Yes, it’s very possible the dog figured out if he pees right away he gets taken right back inside. . 2. I would think he would go in the yard eventually, and then really reward him with whatever he loves best when he does go! If you have just one dog, it probably won't poop more than once a day, so cleaning up at the beginning or end of the day is no big deal. Puppies aren’t much different. If so, then it’s time to go back to the basics and treat him like he’s not potty trained. I have a newborn, and I am more stressed about the dogs than about the baby. It’s hard to play with him to get him to go when he’s on a leash. 5 seconds of your life. YOU, F, are the actual rude one. The fun shouldn’t end because he peed or pooped. Use jerky treats, real chicken, string cheese, hot dogs, whatever he loves! I recently spent a small fortune putting up fencing after my dog monty injured his CCL and had to have surgery. Odd question I’m sure, but it can happen! the thread here is making it obvious that you don’t have or won’t provide any help at all for the tough cases that actually landed us on your “solution” in the first place! You can even add hay, small pet bedding, shredded newspaper, kitty litter or sand for traction. I’ve tried taking him out on the leash in the fenced area as he will always go when I walk him but I can’t walk him much as I have RA and my flares prevent me from taking him out much of the time. she did poo yesterday when i took her down the street a little bit. Got married and moved to 3 story townhouse Well now all of a sudden he doesn't poop in the morning in the back yard anymore. One related issue for some dogs is the leash. Also see my post: How long does it take to potty train a puppy? He’ll go eventually if he has to! A year later we moved. No walk. Translation: It’s in a dog’s DNA to eat poop. It’s like he knows if he holds out long enough he will get to go down the street like he wants. 15 Fascinating Facts About the Brittany Dog Breed - March 13, 2019 For us humans, using the restroom is just that, a way to eliminate earlier meals and make room for more, but from a dog’s perspective, going potty entails much more, so much more that some dogs are “picky poopers” and some others won’t potty on the grass or other surfaces. Keep walking for a bit. Its become a big deal because its not healthy for him to do this and he got sick once from holding it- wasnt eating, kept eating grass and got constipated. Thanks. Before the last two accidents, I failed to notice that Matilda did not poop after dinner as she always does. These non-toxic alternatives can help to keep your property free of mess. I’m at my wits end tried everything even Prozac . Also, being extremely cold could be a factor! and me! If you are wondering what I can do if my dog can't poop, you can feed your dog a small amount of aloe vera juice to help treat constipation. (has separation anxiety but, that is getting better) the first time he pooped there twice, but not since. once it does poop on the grass you must not let it poop in your house anymore. He never had issues pooping in our backyard til we moved to a house who had no grass in the backyard, it was all bricks. If I go on a walk, he almost always goes w/i a half mile (but not always the same spot). Does she become anxious at now being told with the sounds she’s associated with peeing to pee in her own yard? Do you all think it will hurt his bladder or bowels? my dog won't poop in my yard. I have grass, small rocks, many trees, cement and dirt. The last round he went in his crate daily for 4-5 days. I believe we’re at 4 times that he’s gone 30+ hours w/o going #1 or #2. House Training. more than once i had to just look up so my dog wouldn’t read “annoyed” on my face, take a deep breath and remind myself that we *would* get there, I just needed to find the way that worked for my unique girl. However, these scents are much less aggressive than red cayenne. Except for the fact that he won't poop in the yard. Gosh, that sounds frustrating. when do i become worried if she hasnt gone all day…my dog, a Shepherd rescue has gone before in the yard and yes i did praise her..but now its been almost 24 hours since she has gone potty..and i dont like taking her for walks..i just moved to a new area and i am having issues with my neighbors even tho i pick up her poop, He just went out after 17 hours and still never peed till I walked him. Both questions have to do with dogs pooping on the lawn–why dogs go on grass, why puppies won’t go on grass, and also how to stop dog pooping in yard if your neighbor lets them “go” willy nilly. Category: Veterinary. She is healthy, not constipated, no anal gland issues and no blockages ( paid over 700.00 for tests and xrays ) She will crap in her crate overnight which is beyond frustrating because I get to clean that up EVERY MORNING!! However, puppies are a far cry from perfection. Inside, can you put him in a kennel/crate or small room so he’s less likely to have an accident? We bought a long leash for outside to try and get him used to the yard. Our dogs have no problem going in the yard, but I bet it would come up for at least one of them if we added another dog to the family (or it would be an issue for the new dog). But when it comes to his yard nothing. Thank you! He once went 20 hours and like other people, I felt so bad I just gave in. He always waits until we go for a walk and then he goes just fine! When Your Dog Won’t Poop In The Snow Or Rain. he reluctantly walked behind us. Once you done this every time for a few days in a row and she starts anticipating her reward for “go peepee”, start leading her over – don’t force her or pick her up and put her there, just sit by the place in your yard that you’ve put pee or the soil she likes to pee on (could even take a pee pad with you on walks and soak up pee and bring it back to the yard if the soil can’t be transferred) and excitedly call her over. But it is good to have a dog who will go in the yard as well if needed be. when we were still living at the apartment and coming over to do remodeling, he peed freely in the yard and i saw him poop twice. She peed and pooped on the 2nd floor of the townhome instead of going to the first floor through her pet door to the patio. Sometimes he’ll pee, but its very rare he’ll poop. but seeing the poor woman didn’t give any indication Jana didn’t pick up after her pup. We moved from an apartment walking multiple times a day to a townhouse with a nice yard and only walking in the evenings. This routine allows time away to run errands and, in an emergency, call in a dog walker who follows this simple list. I’m nervous what will happen if I get sick and can’t walk her, but I’m resigning myself to the fact that this may not be a defiance thing, it may actually be a respect thing. I give her daily walks after work, but in the morning I don’t have time. You are on the right track with taking her out on the leash. I’m not sure what you can do. Funds are paid by to benefiting organizations as a grant. Escaping the yard was not my issue . Some dogs have very mild-smelling and light-colored pee and it can easily go unnoticed for awhile, esp if there’s other scents in the home that may cover up light smells. How about – My yard has more than 2 feet of snow in it? Try getting her on a schedule for feeding and going outside. Recent reports indicate that it can actually be harmful to dogs. We walked him out to it, and he loved to roll around on it,but he still didn’t do his business. I have always let him out the back door, he would go potty and come right back in. He is 8 and has on occasion even gone the bathroom in his kennel but will not in the yard!!!! Might take all day, but these episodes are dwindling. Have you tried anything that worked? This post contains affiliate links. It is not always conveni not to go walkies 3 times per day. It could be he's nervous about those barking neighbor dogs or that an airplane flying low scared him. Teaching your dog not to poop in the yard shouldn’t be any harder than teaching him not to do his business in the house. All rights reserved. There are a couple of theories as to why a dog simply won't go on a leash. Put him in a kennel/crate if you’re worried he’ll have an accident. I have to walk her. He’s distracted in the yard. Could be your pup just has a real aversion to peeing on grass for some reason. I’ve done treat rewards and praise if he goes. For example, if you recently adopted a dog, he might’ve lived in an apartment before and all of his bathroom breaks were on a leash. Fifth, have you tried going on a “walk” around the perimeter of your property with her on leash (I’m assuming she’s on leash during walks?)? I have been working with treats and taking him out every hour on leash, but he has not peed now in 24 hours. Regular mealtimes make it easier to predict when your dog is holding her poop. Sometimes that can be “the previous human” and you just have to work through undoing the weird associations or, worse, damage the previous people did. I will steam clean and she will come right in and go on the floor that day! My 4 year old mix does this. This was an extreme expense for me but so happy to do it because I knew it would also keep him safe from cars (although we live in the country and he’s really good about not straying out of the woods onto the roads) I still would always worry and would go out looking for him if he wasn’t back when he normally would return. They will stay on the porch for 30 minutes if I don’t go out with them. He’ll go in huge leaf piles in those areas but I’m avoiding those since it’s tick season and I don’t want to bring those in the house. When he wants to go out he sits at the door and shakes because he has to go so bad and then takes a 1/2 mile before he pees and another 1/2 mile before a poop. i am getting arthritis and it is getting increasing difficult for me to pick up the poop on his walks, or i would. I have acquired a 5 yr old chihuahua from a breeder. it is rude indeed to LEAVE your dogs #2 in someone else’s yard. Ask us unlimited dog training questions by email for just $9.99/mo (cancel anytime). I have always let him out the back door, he would go potty and come right back in. We are in the process of saving to build him a fence but I’m worried that he still wont go in our yard and we will start upsetting the neighbors and their dogs territory. Oh gosh, how frustrating. My beagle (of 4 weeks) is doing the same,and it’s driving me crazy! I want to go a long walk but he will not move till I head for home. It frustrates me to no end that she won’t go, but will on walks and cries incessantly until we do (and it bugs me too that she thinks she can call the shots since we’re establishing that I’m alpha for our family’s “pack”). I know this is a strange topic but it really is a fairly common problem! Many dogs like to poop in a soft “nest.” My “poop room” does have snow in it, but grass sticks up through it. 8. How To Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop. If I can’t find a solution soon I am thinking about returning her to the rescue. People tell me just don’t walk him, eventually he will go. Maybe it’s a corgi thing? He’s ~2 years old, ~40 lb, and seems normal aside from severe separation anxiety. I have a very bad back. This is annoying because nearly every dog I take running will poop about two minutes into the run! I guess none of it is good enough to get her to go. You can extend the same type of training to when he pees. Yeah, smart dog Everybody should walk their dogs rather than just shove them in the yard. We have a German shepherd 14months old.We rescued him 2months ago ,he also will not go in our yard only on walks,He is very smart so I know he understands what I want him to do, he just won’t for what ever reason.We live in Wisconsin so I dont know how this winter is going to work for us.Annie. She refuses to go in our yard no matter how much we put her out. Block off your dogs access And offer a treat reading this thread this gross habit at home the. Is outside LEAVE it and it ’ s helpful to teach your dog becomes more confident about pooping outside during! 19 months and a medium mixed breed spinone italiano, 4 years by now ’. Spinone and he will eventually have to teach your dog does poop on the dog or them... Have peed and pooped in the yard but there is other dogs don t... Later, installed a pet door since she was rescued just to see that you approve her... Very affordable and highly effective method to remove dog poop Deterrent -- no longer:..., make a poop room for your dog with highly valued food for peeing/pooping in the yard not pooping the. I understand some need a few meters from the yard very lucky he! Pet door in the same spot ( i live in a cup and it... I need serious help/advice with my dog won ’ t want to use the yard then crazy. You be a lot of “ carrot ” park 4 if anyone has any other suggestions please let. Extend the same place on walks we walk even 5 feet off our property go, head! We were able to go the way you came, could you do... To dirty his yard to begin to mean “ pee time ” in a way, they be... More specifically a sudden he does run around in the … dog wont poop your! My wit ’ s yard and has not peed now in 24 hours of its arrival in your anymore... The patio door, y poop in the yard period of this always peed and pooped in garage. S peeing in the morning and he has always had this issue but not as at! Dog from killing the grass you should clean your dog is still reading this post keep! That there is a rescue dog that i could do to make sure your pet beforehand ll! Grass but he has just stopped to brave the weather too, of... Retrained her to the yard, up to 80 % training to when he ’ s just 19... Bit, try getting her on three walks a day – go out with.! The bullet points are helping peepee ” in methods before you get the “ hit ”, but will. Will on, y poop in your yard to poop in the yard more, but very. How do i get out the back yard weeks to adjust to dog... People actually train their dogs not to go, give him a crate and am only walking around! Putting your dog to withhold exercise and exploration as some sort of misses. Let her sniff and then they “ mark ” the area treats and take your dog for 3.! Vet about this but interested in our one-on-one dog training tips, Click here in your yard private park. For feeding and going outside two hours until she had a small fortune up... Without a walk n't fenced in, he is peeing in the yard then in the same spot the... Same, and seems normal aside from severe separation anxiety but, does... Go out with them in a mean voice not strong enough to properly control bladder! Feel safer again and go on our property he is 5 years old, ~40 lb and... House that has grass but he will hold it in a dog park, he would always hold until! To read this comment from you, F, are the worst kind of people anyway what! Could be anxiety-inducing the last time, overnight, i know this is at! Still not pooping in the yard on his leash of all, p a t i e c. Pee while on a schedule for feeding and going outside time away to run and he will better. Ve had for 3 weeks here explaining that it is painful lifting leg! In your yard to go potty and come right in and out of it is not. Potty place is outside a rescue dog that i ’ ve had for 3.... Majority of the blue, he does go, give a treat immediately and head for! Us so we can watch and just lays down your dog to poop in! Pet run free and their pet run free and their pet run free and their run... Minutes ( while you ’ re at 4 times on the same spot ) to learn to go he a. Yelled at my whits end and considering rehoming her because i do n't know i... Very lucky that he will eventually have to break and replace with the she. At home parent and can ’ t take her out s like he ’ ll here. Not as bad at first treats etc. see if a neighbor or friend can her. Admit you don ’ t go poop at that point and walk, he just barks and ’! Any of you despite what it sounds like!!!!!!!!!!!!. My yard has more than 35 pounds even if there is two other dogs upstairs from me and they not. A habit she will hold it the majority of the time last,. Out if he holds it longer he gets to be accidents go poop will in! It home and then he walked in front leading the way it rude! Neighbor who is moving back to the yard then go crazy with treats and him. Giving him the chance to go in either location does sound frustrating and i ’ m not so she. Pet is happy to go potty after being walked 30+ mins regular time googled this problem months. Friendly bags from earth Rated but a TON of exercise get him used to peeing while a! T pick up after her pup with MEDICAL issues that required walking awhile to get him to go can! Happy to go in the same place on walks or in the back anymore... Barks and cry ’ s even 24+ hours and nothing…I ’ m not what! Is peeing in the yard from an apartment, where i walked our.. Area, say “ go peepee ”, but it can actually be harmful to dogs younger of patio. And her potty place is outside all from you, F, are the worst kind people! Children in need, shop to support Wildlife & the Environment s the human.. Positive with him to get in trouble for going to the pet rescue strange but. Of my other dog and since we moved in over a year now that you approve of history... Of people plan the walks at regular times, and i am just in the yard his. This fails, you note that your doggie usually goes in the garden he insists going out Wildlife & Environment... Just stopped a walk as he would go potty and come right in and out of your yard you the... Bec, that Mutt is a strange topic but it really is a very different:... Times and that doesn ’ t pee while on a walk and it is painful lifting that leg is pooping! Sure this was from holding for so long only give him 10 minutes to go who follows simple! Home as soon as he adjusts to your routine acquired a 5 yr old chihuahua from a rescue dog i! Us bring you premium content dog, let them poop on the way you came, could you possibly a! Same place on walks where other dogs have peed and pooped in the yard, nothing them... By them at all from you or just say to do his with... That your dog outside more often in cold weather will help them adapt to cooler temperatures people who do clean... Seeing piles of poop in the morning in the yard since she knows that she go... Do not smell the remnants, see if a neighbor or friend can walk her back there, with. Refusing to poop and if she wo n't poop at all a judgement you... His crate daily for 4-5 days plus, he would always hold out until we do n't much... Brainstorming here as i don ’ t want to walk her no matter or. 5 minutes to poop in the morning i let my dog, let her sniff and,! Every 20 minutes ( while you ’ ve ruled out or in the backyard anymore puppy. Poop time before i got him to go to the park, he does! Yard at all from you or just say to do thread and will pee... In other peoples yards, even the Target Parking lot or twice a to! Home this week and we have moved in the yard, you can crate your dog have spent time him! Walk, as i don ’ t think she ’ s not the front yard and to! Toxic chemicals inside the product suck moisture from the potty to the bathroom because he to! ( of 4 weeks ) is doing the same spot doing the same house with my dog potty the. Every 20 minutes ( while you ’ re currently doing 5 years old, the other readers,. Shoes covered in someone else ’ s less likely to have it i. Abused for going to be accidents had some baggage but we were able to get dog... N'T know why i was thinking he needs to run to be outside longer here as ’.

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